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Educational panel and workshops within the Speech Culture Caravan were held in Zvornik


Within the Speech Culture Caravan called “Let us cherish the Serbian language”, an educational panel on promoting the culture of speech was held last night in the packed room of the Youth Center in Zvornik.

The organizer of the panel and two youth workshops is the Association for the Advancement and Development of the Public Speech Culture “Expressiveness”. The caravan was supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republika Srpska and the City Administration of Zvornik.

Roksandic said that they are educating children, young people, educators and the general public within the Caravans and that they aim to spread good speaking habits. The big message of this campaign is that we need to develop speaking skills, because they determine success in life, whatever we do.

“We are trying to improve our speech habits because we are witnessing that the speech culture is quite neglected. We do not deal with oral expression sufficiently in primary or secondary schools and in general on our own, and we will communicate better if we know how to express ourselves. Our speech and language educators are our parents, and they are less and less concerned with children, they are our teachers, they are the media, but also social networks where they speak very poorly. We do not have enough good models and the Caravan of Culture wants to offer them, and one such example is the Frenchman Arno Guillon who has perfected the Serbian language better than many to whom he is the mother tongue. ”

Roksandic emphasized that they are honored that Professor Telebak is part of the team in Republika Srpska, as one of the most important linguists in this area and beyond, whose work to the people gathered in the Caravan is a guide and guide.
Guillon is of the opinion that the campaign in which he participates is extremely important because language is more than a medium of communication.

“Language is at the core of a nation’s culture, if we preserve the language, we also preserve the identity of the Serbian people. Caravan also deals with expressiveness which is very important because language is not only a written word, it is also a spoken word. Today, we are seeing more and more people speak less and this is a problem in everyday communication. ”

He expressed satisfaction that the people who came to the stands in large numbers recognized the importance of nurturing Serbian, adding that he was honored to be able to speak about it as a Frenchman and to show that good results could be achieved through hard work and dedication.

Thanking the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republika Srpska for supporting their project, Roksandic clarified that the Caravan is designed to organize workshops with young people in every city they come to in front of the panel for the general public.

In two days it is more than six hours of work with them where they have ample opportunity to try some of what they hear and get feedback from the lecturers, namely the founders of “Expressiveness” Marko Milovanovic, Milan Bosiljcic and Slobodan Roksandic.

Zvornik is the second city after Banja Luka through which the Caravan travels through Republika Srpska and the tenth-anniversary city after the cities in Serbia where they have been so far.



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