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Eerie Serbian Customs: “Dead Man’s Wedding”


Many old customs are no longer practiced in Serbia, but they are certainly talked about. Whether they are passed on from generation to generation or rumored about them in the countryside, some customs really deserve to remain in the past, because they are more than bizarre.

The most frightening among them is the “Dead Man’s Wedding”, or somewhere referred to as “Black Wedding”, practiced in eastern Serbia.

Namely, if a young man dies unmarried, his fiancee or other unmarried girls from the village marries the deceased! The marriage would be valid for a year, and the mother of the deceased young man would have to dance on her son’s grave?!

In Serbia, there was also a custom for unmarried girls to be buried in wedding dresses or in white coffins. The exact origin of these customs is unknown, but it is certainly linked to the cult of the dead, which is still strong.

Of course, it is “modernized” today and does not consist of bizarre customs such as a “Dead Man’s Wedding”, but still some customs have been retained.

Thus, food and drink are brought to the deceased at the cemetery, the family wears black clothes for the deceased, and often a black flag can be seen on the houses. Also, the deceased are buried in formal attire, very often with valuables.

All this points to the belief that the deceased person will continue life after death.



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