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Election in BiH 2018: Preliminary election results


CEC: Republik Srpska president elections

SNSD candidate for president of Republika Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic is leading the race with 234,912 votes /47/67 per cent/ ahead of the Alliance for Victory’s Vukota Govedarica, who won 210,066 votes /42.63 per cent/, according to the Central Election Commission /CEC/ of Bosnia and Herzegovina after the processed 78.57 per cent polling stations.

The candidate of the coalition Together for BiH Ramiz Salkic is the third with 13,130 votes /2.66 per cent/, and the fourth is the independent candidate Camil Durakovic with 6,151 votes /1.25 per cent/.

Radomir Lukic of the First SDS is the fifth with 4,343 votes /0.88 per cent/, Darko Matijasevic of the Serbian Progressive Party is the sixth with 3,187 votes /0.65 per cent/, and independent candidate Dusko Kospic is the seventh with 2,473 votes /0.50 per cent/.

Of the 37 candidates for president, i.e. vice-president of Republika Srpska, the candidate of the Independent Bloc Sadik Ahmetovic is the eighth with 2,249 votes /0.46 per cent/, while the candidate of the parties headed by the HDZ BiH Josip Jerkovic is the ninth with 1,637 votes /0.33 per cent/.

According to the CEC data made available so far, 93.16 per cent of the ballots for this position are valid.

CEC: BiH Parliamentary Assembly elections

The SNSD is leading the race for the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly in Republika Srpska with 185,009 votes or 39.58 per cent, according to the preliminary data of the Central Election Commission /CEC/ of BiH after the processed 1,703 or 76.03 per cent polling stations.
Trailing behind is the SDS list /SDS-NDP-NS-SRS/ with 119,421 or 25.55 per cent of the vote, while the third is the PDP with 57,516 or 12.31 per cent of the vote.

The DNS is fourth with 47,473 or 10,16 per cent of the vote, and fifth is the Socialist Party with 21,802 votes or 4.66 per cent, while the SDA won 17,424 votes or 3.73 per cent.

Other parties received around one or less than one percent of the vote.

In the same race in the Federation of BiH, a total of 58.91 per cent polling stations have been processed and the SDA is leading with 133,664 votes or 25.31 per cent.

The coalition of parties rallied around the HDZ BiH is second with 98,500 or 18.65 per cent of the vote, and the SDP is third with 73,558 votes or 13.93 per cent.

Fourth is the DG-GS with 46,908 votes or 8.88 per cent, and fifth is the SBB with 31,994 votes or 6.06 per cent.

The Movement of Democratic Action – PDA won 23,002 votes or 4.36 per cent, Croatian Unity HDZ 1990 – HSP BiH 19,670 votes or 3.73 per cent, A-SDA 19,587 votes or 3.71 per cent, Our Party 18,241 votes or 3.45 per cent and Independent Bloc 15,842 votes or three per cent.

The remaining parties in the FBiH won less than two per cent of the vote.

CEC: FBiH Parliament elections

In the race for the House of Representatives of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Parliament, the Party of Democratic Action /SDA/ is leading with 129,704 votes or 25.03 per cent; it is followed by the Croatian Democratic Union /HDZ/ with 96,045 votes or 18.54 per cent, and SDP with 73,306 votes or 14.15 per cent, according to the first incomplete results of the general elections published by the Central Election Commission /CEC/ on the basis of 57.11 per cent
The Democratic Front won 43,813 vote or 8.46 per cent, standing ahead of the Union for a Better Future /SBB/ of BiH with 31,916 votes or 6.16 per cent.

Of the 57.11 per cent of votes processed by the CEC, more than 91 per cent are considered valid.


Source: srna



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