Home Business Elektroprenos decides on distribution of profits

Elektroprenos decides on distribution of profits


The Shareholders’ Assembly of Elektroprenos B&H approved a three-year investment cycle and brought a decision on the distribution of 98 million KM in accumulated profits.

Out of the total 333.8 million KM for investments, 137.2 million KM should go to Republika Srpska, said the Prime Minister of Srpska, Zeljka Cvijanovic.

As far as the distribution of profits is concerned, Republika Srpska should get 40 million KM.

Cvijanovic said that the money will be used to meet outstanding obligations, primarily in agriculture, but also for export incentives.

She said that this session unblocked the operations of Elektroprenos B&H, and that this will create prospects for the generation of additional jobs in Republika Srpska and the FB&H.


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