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Elfeta Veseli sentenced to 13 years in prison


The Court of Appeal of the Court of BiH handed down a second-instance verdict for the brutal murder of Slobodan Stojanovic, a 12-year-old boy, in Zvornik in 1992 and sentenced defendant Elfeta Vesela to 13 years’ imprisonment.

The Appellate Panel upholds the acquittal of Sakib Halilovic, Commander of the Joint Forces Command of the Joint Unit Kamenica of the so-called Army of BiH, to which Veseliev belonged. Halilovic was acquitted of charges that he did not prevent the mistreatment and murder of Slobodan Stojanovic’s boy.

The verdict was handed down on Friday and was delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH today, which appealed the first instance verdict.

Elfeta Veseli was convicted of killing the 12-year-old Slobodan Stojanovic in the settlement of Bajrići-Novo Selo in Kamenica in the second half of July or the first half of August 1992 as a member of the sabotage command commanded by Halilović.

The indictment states that her first superior, Sakib Halilovic, knew that his subordinate had committed this crime, but that he had not taken the necessary measures to punish him.

– Not a single word from the indictment was left unproven, and the defense did not disprove or dispute the Prosecution’s evidence with a single word. Sakib Halilovic and Efleta Veseli are responsible for the crimes they are charged with – Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH Miroslav Janjic said in a closing statement before the first-instance verdict, but the second-instance verdict in this case reaffirmed that the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has double arches and that there is no command responsibility for crimes committed against Serb civilians.




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