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Employment in Srpska has never been better


Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović said that the government has implemented a number of systemic measures in last few years, including the Employment Action Program, on the basis of which today the Republic of Srpska recorded record employment, as well as a record coverage of export imports.

Cvijanović stressed that Srpska is recording continuing increase in revenues, GDP growth and industrial production, and that all these indicators show that Srpska is strengthening financially and economically and that it is on the path of stable growth and recovery.

“Priority of the Government of the Republic of Srpska will continue to work in the coming period on creating conditions for new employment, preservation of existing jobs, as well as improvement of the rights and material status of workers,” Cvijanović said in her greeting on the occasion of May 1st – International Labor Day.

She added that the historical symbolism of this holiday and its values, such as labor rights, social justice and solidarity, continue to be social ideals that everyone in the Republic of Srpska must strive for.

Cvijanović’s holiday congratulated workers and citizens of Srpska, Federation of Trade Unions of Republika Srpska and branch unions in their own name and the name of the Republika Srpska Government, with the desire to spend it in health, peace and solidarity.

The International Labor Day was established as a reminder of May 1, 1886, when tens of thousands of workers in Chicago emerged on the streets, demanding better working conditions and part-time work.


Source: Srna


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