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Energy from environmentally clean resources


The company Eko Energija has developed a package bid for the B&H market, titled “Saving with Wind” which involves covering electricity consumption with the energy obtained from wind turbines i.e. environmentally clean sources.

After several successful projects implemented throughout Europe including the plastics recycling facility in the English city of Hull, which obtains 80% of energy from two windmills, the company decided to apply this model in B&H, with the intention of reducing the cost of electricity in large plants, load on the network, and an unfavorable energy ratio in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is currently 50.8% in favor of fossil fuels and 49.2% in hydropower, said Dragan Markelić from the Sales and Marketing Department of Eko Energija.

One such package would mean installation of windmills near the plant, i.e. the place of consumption, whose production would fully cover or only partly compensate for consumption. Refund of such an investment is expected in a few years, after which the cost of electricity consumption will be equal to regular maintenance windmills.

Source: ekapija.ba


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