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“Enjoy Srpska” (VIDEO)


The Minister of Trade and Tourism of the Republic of Srpska, Suzana Gašić, said that tourism, together with catering, is the area most affected by the coronavirus virus epidemic, and that it is necessary to pay additional attention to recovery and stabilization.

Gašić stated that the campaign “Enjoy Srpska” was launched with that goal, which is being realized by the relevant ministry and the Association of Employers of Tourism and Catering of Republic of Srpska – Horek of the Republic of Srpska.

– This campaign is a continuation of the previous campaign “Experience Srpska” and the goal is to promote domestic tourist potentials, and to raise citizens’ awareness of the importance of domestic tourism, as well as that each individual can contribute to the recovery of this area, respecting all epidemiological measures – she said Gašić in Banja Luka before the beginning of the celebration of the World Tourism Day.

She added that the campaign promotes Srpska as a safe destination, where tourists will be able to stay and spend their vacation or official stay.

The President of the Association of Employers of Tourism and Catering of the Republic of Srpska – Horeka of the Republic of Srpska, Dalibor Šajić, pointed out that Srpska has great tourist potentials, which should be talked about as much as possible.

– The campaign wants to emphasize the responsibility of each individual, without which there are no results. Because, employers in hotels and catering facilities can take all the necessary epidemiological measures, but if individuals, guests do not behave responsibly, we cannot adequately respond to this challenge – said Šajić.

He called on the citizens to be responsible and conscientious during their stay in catering, hotel, and other facilities in the field of tourism, and thus contribute to preventing the spread of the virus.

Šajić mentioned that the Association he leads gathered during the epidemic and that it was established in order to contribute to repairing the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic on tourism and catering.





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