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Epidemiological Measures Preserved the Health of Students


The Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska, Natalija Trivić, said that she was very satisfied with the observance of preventive measures in schools in Srpska during the coronavirus pandemic, and stated that less than one percent of students became ill, which is acceptable considering the overall epidemiological situation.

Trivić added that no spread of the coronavirus in the wards was recorded in the first half of the year.

– We have provided all schools with the necessary quantities of disinfectants, and preventive measures have been taken extremely seriously on the first day of school. The extraordinary zeal of educators, parents, and students in respecting epidemiological measures has been in force all along. We have shown an extremely high level of discipline and responsibility –  stated Trivić.

She noted that the first semester was successfully coming to an end thanks to educators who showed exceptional flexibility and dedication and to students who took the new situation extremely seriously.

Trivić pointed out that it was very important that the children attended classes in school and had live contact with their teachers, and that, in compliance with epidemiological measures, their health was preserved.

She says that the classes are organized in accordance with the recommendations of the Institute of Public Health, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Srpska, and the Republic Emergency Situations Headquarters, and that classes will be extended when the words are obtained, ie when relevant institutions assess that it is possible.

Speaking about the reforms in the next year, she stated that, among other things, activities will be continued in the field of increasing the coverage of children with preschool education, and work will be done on innovating curricula, harmonization of secondary vocational education with the labor market.




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