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Equal pay for men and women


Philip Morris International became the first multinational corporation in the world to receive the “EQUAL-SALARY” certificate, which confirms that this company provides equal benefits for equal jobs for men and women .

The branch of this company in Serbia, also successfully passed the certification process by an independent and non-profit foundation “EQUAL-SALARY” and received an official confirmation that it fully applies to all employees.

“Equal treatment, diverse workforce and inclusive culture, in which everyone equals learning opportunities, growth and prosperity in their careers, are essential drivers of innovation and success. This is especially important for a tobacco company that changes its traditional business from the root and is heading towards a future without tobacco smoke, “said Tatjana Jovanovic, director of the people and culture sector for Southeast Europe.

Filip Moris is globally focused on completely eliminating gaps between the sexes, so today in this multinational company, women occupy 35 percent of all management functions, and the goal is to reach a level of 40 percent by 2022.


Source: diplomacyandcommerce.rs


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