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Ethno Village Usora opened near Teslic


The ethno-village Usora was opened in Milan Polje near Teslic. The Health and Tourist Center “Banja Vrucica” expanded its services and enabled new workplaces for 15 workers with this investment.

“We are planning to use our resources and knowledge to raise the level of services of this ethno-village and attract guests that are staying in hotels to come on field trips,” stated Aleksandar Radosevic, Director General of HTC “Banja Vrućica” near Teslic.

Accommodation facilities, a restaurant that offers traditional cuisine and two outdoor pools are available for the guests in the ethno-village Usora. Thus, “Banja Vrucica” further expanded its services.

“Not only that we will hire new workers, but we are planning to engage local people as much as possible when it comes to purchase of agricultural products,” added Radosevic.

“This ethno-village will enrich the tourist offer of Teslic, as well as the RS,” said Predrag Gluhakovic, Minister of Trade and Tourism.

The ethno-village Usora is located along the Great Usora River, around 18 kilometres from Banja Vrucica, next to the regional road Tedin Han-Teslic-Bistricak. It occupies a total of 3,600 square meters.

The content of this tourist attraction will be completed with offers for adventure, hunting and fishing tourism.




Source: sarajevotimes


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