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EU and You – Connecting BiH undergraduates with European opportunities


Undergraduate students from universities across Bosnia and Herzegovina will have the opportunity during May and June to find out more about EU integration and opportunities for students from the EU. ‘EU and You’, a new programme organised by the Office of the EU Special Representative in B&H, started on May 12 with the aim of opening up EU opportunities for students.

In the course of the programme, 650 students from 13 B&H universities will take part in this programme which includes educational visits to the Office of the EUSR/EU Delegation to B&H and a final debate competition for all participating universities. The programme concludes with a 2-day study visit to Brussels for 4 students from the 2 winning universities in the debate competition and 1 student representative from each of the remaining 11 universities.

University of Bihac students were the first visitors to EUSR/EUD in Sarajevo on May 12; 53 students and teaching staff representatives held a two hour discussion with Deputy Head of Delegation Dr Renzo Daviddi.

“Our discussion covered a lot of ground, from the EU integration process itself to educational opportunities offered through the ERASMUS+ programme. It’s always a pleasure to hear young people’s views about their future and the future of the country – they are very perceptive and get straight to the point! We are looking forward to welcoming students from all over B&H” said Daviddi.

Source: ekapija.ba


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