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EU at your door – campaign in local municipalities


As part of an initiative that begins tomorrow, fifteen municipalities throughout B&H will partner with the Office of the EU Special Representative in B&H with the aim to inform the citizens about the country’s European perspective.

“EU At Your Door” is a country-wide information initiative that will take place in the first half of this year and aims to raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges of EU accession, as well as to stress the shared values of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU.

During the one and a half day programme of EU themed activities, the municipalities will play host to high-school debates, quizzes, talent shows, concerts and plays. A special segment of the project will be ‘Coffee with the EU’, at which citizens will have the opportunity to meet and speak with EU officials including Ambassadors of Member States and local government representatives.

The first program will be held in Ugljevik on the 14th and 15th of March, then Bileca 21-22, Kladanj 28-29, Vlasenica 4-5 April, Novi Grad 9-10, Sanski Most 11-12, Bugojno 18-19, Srebrenik 25-26, Prozor 29-30, Teslic 9-10 May, Sokolac 16-17, Kupres 20-21, Samac 23-24, Ključ 30-31 i Posusje 6-7 June.


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