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EU greenlights registered horse export from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has exported two registered horses to the European Union (EU) member states, the country’s Veterinary Office stated in a press release on Friday.

According to the EU Regulation 2018/659, BiH is included on the list of third countries which met the conditions for the entry into the Union of live equidae. BiH’s Veterinary Office organized meetings and training sessions for equestrian clubs and veterinary inspectors which issue needed certificates.

In addition to the provision of temporary and permanent export of registered horses, the EU regulation enabled the temporary entry of registered horses from the EU countries into BiH and their return to the EU, which was not possible earlier.

The Veterinary Office said an increase in international traffic of horses between the EU and BiH is expected in the future, which will surely contribute to the improvement and affirmation of equestrian sport in the country.

The EU regulation asks for special animal health requirements, saying that only horses that come from a third country and accompanied by a health certificate corresponding to a model also drawn up in accordance with that Directive, may be imported into the Union.


Source: china.org.cn


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