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EU prepares new set of decisions on B&H


The European Union has prepared a new set of decisions on Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be discussed on Monday by foreign ministers of the EU member states, confirmed Maja Kocijancic, spokeswoman for the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton.

As previously announced, B&H will be on the agenda of the session of the EU Foreign Affairs Council.

The debate on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a possible new approach towards B&H has been going on for weeks in Brussels. This week, within the working bodies of the EU Council, the conclusions crystallized and they will be proposed to the heads of diplomacy for adoption. The proposed conclusions have not yet been made public.

Kocijancic points out that the conclusions will treat the current political situation in B&H and the position of the European Union. She responded to the question whether the conclusions will treat the issue of the new EU strategy towards B&H with the question:

“I do not know what for you in B&H the new strategy means? EU has clearly said, which is also the message from Baroness Ashton, that the government and political leaders need to understand the requirements of the citizens and to take economic measures. In this regard EU is ready to give their support. We are ready to help Bosnia and Herzegovina to meet the conditions, which means that there is no giving up on what goes for all candidate countries”, said Kocijancic.

During the discussion on the EU approach towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia made a proposal for a customized approach, but, as we found out, these conclusions of the Council for Foreign Affairs will not treat the “package” of the new approach. Most countries, as we learned, sought more time to consider the situation and decide on their stance, so it is expected that the new decisions will repeat the call for B&H authorities to comply with earlier commitments.

Source: nap.ba


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