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EU slams Bosnia on lack of progress with EU accession


Bosnia and Herzegovina is lagging behind other Balkan countries in the EU integration process, Eduard Kukan, chair of the EU delegation for South-eastern Europe said Thursday.

Bosnian authorities are not fulfilling their responsibilities in the EU integration process, said Kukan, chair of EU delegation for relations with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s participation in the stabilization and association process which was ratified in 2010, has still not been put into force due to lack of resolve and failure to implement the required steps towards the EU process. The Balkan country has still not officially applied for EU membership.

Kukan said during a press conference that Bosnian politicians are responsible for that the actual situation.

Kukan said that Bosnians must implement the decisions taken in European institutions in order to open the path for the EU integration process.


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