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EuroBasket 2017 finals: Silver as gold. Well done Serbian “Eagles”!


Serbia – Slovenia 85:93.

Basketball players of Slovenia won Serbia in the Eurobasket finals in Istanbul and won the gold medal at the European Championships for the first time in history. Dragic’s phenomenal game probably ended his representative career. Serbia won the second silver from independence.

Serbian basketball players were close to the gold medal at the Eurobasket in Istanbul, but at the end of the great fight in the “Sinan Erdem Arena” they had to give their hands to a better hands – the team of Slovenia.

Before the first gold medal in the history of the European championships, Slovenia was dominated by phenomenal Goran Dragic, who finished the match with 35 points and seven rebounds. Dragic was especially impressive in the first half, which he scored 26 points.

Serbia played team. Bogdanovic, like during the entire championship, dragged the team with the help of captain Milan Macvan, but it seems that he missed the third player who would take the “eagles” to the winner’s stand.

Bogdanovic finished the match with 22 points, Macvan scored 18, while Lucic scored eight rebounds with nine points.

Serbia won the second silver from its independence, after the second place at the 2009 Eurobasket in Poland.

Everyone knows that Serbia and Istanbul played in weakened form, but the guys who left their heart on the field in the past two weeks deserved all the praise for the effort and the result they achieved.

Selektor Djordjevic won both silver medals at the World Cup and Olympic Games, and won silver at the European Championship.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic congratulated Serbian basketball players tonight for winning a silver medal at the European Championship in Turkey.

The greeting reads:

“I congratulate you on winning the silver medal at the European Championships. You bravely fought for Serbia and represented our flag and the coat of arms with a dignity. Thank you for the joy that you have prepared for us.”


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