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Europe to free BiH from colonial status, Scmidt and internationals in court


Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik says that Europe should free BiH from colonial status, Christian Scmidt and internationals in the BiH Constitutional Court.

Dodik points out that there is no unity in the EU and that there are no bright days ahead for Europe, which will also affect the Balkans countries, which will be discussed at the EU Summit being held in Brussels.

“If they make a decision to give BiH a negotiating status, then it is a political decision. They will do that if they give the same status to Ukraine and Moldova. BiH should be freed from colonial status, Schmidt and internationals in the BiH Constitutional Court,” Dodik told the press in Banjaluka.

He believes that a very difficult summit is being held in Brussels, which will show the state of the EU, adding that there is no unity on key issues.

“Europe is full of problems and I saw that recently when I was in Brussels. I remembered the entry into the Federal Executive Council of the former Yugoslavia before the breakup of that country. It doesn’t have to mean anything, but I see there is no consensus in Europe on all issues,” said Dodik.

He says that the EU’s policy on the conflict in Ukraine has also failed and that the US will try to put the burden of the conflict on Brussels.

“They expect the EU to give them 60 billion, which is now on the table. Imagine if they planned 6 billion for the Balkan countries for four years perios. That shows our relations. Europe practiced the wrong policy and lost its leadership. It missed the policy on the war and underestimated Russia. Everything they could miss, they have missed. Russia and /President Vladimir/Putin have proved to be powerful and stable, which even they do not dispute in their reports,” Dodik pointed out.

When it comes to the opening of accession negotiations with the EU, Dodik said that it means nothing and does not prejudge, recalling the status of Turkey, which started the accession process several decades ago, which raises doubts about the sincerity of the entire procedure.


Source: srna.rs


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