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European prospects: Stabilizing factor for Balkan countries


Clear prospects of EU membership still represent crucial stabilizing factor for the Balkan countries, said the EU Enlargement Commissioner, Stefan Fule, today in Brussels, presenting an EU enlargement package 2014 to the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, reports SRNA’s correspondent.

Regarding BiH and the upcoming general elections on October 12, Fule called on citizens to vote for politicians who will enable them a better future.

He stressed that that BiH should speak with one voice, and that he is convinced that the commissioner for neighborhood policy, Johannes Hahn, will engage 100% after the elections in overcoming the deadlock this country found itself in.

“There is no doubt that we will help BiH to finally cross the Dayton bridge and come to the Brussels’ one,” Fule said.

The Enlargement Commissioner reminded that the European Commission in past years reinforced the credibility of the enlargement process by focusing on crucial reforms, including three major pillars – the rule of law, economic management and public administration reform.

Asked by MEP, Fule said that it is necessary to fight the fatigue for enlargement, but also something that is called fatigue for reforms.

“My message to my successor is to be present in the region and to focus on helping the aspiring countries. People in these countries do not want change in ten or five years but want results immediately, tomorrow,” Fule said, adding that such an approach would be well understood in the countries of the Western Balkans.

He pointed to the need to work to change the way of thinking that the winner takes it all and that a compromise is a bad word in the Western Balkans, but that it is necessary for both the ruling parties and the opposition in the aspiring countries to leave room for political dialogue.

The members of the European Parliament stressed that perseverance in respect for human rights is necessary in the enlargement policy.

Members of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee thanked Fule for his job he was doing at enlargement, expressing the hope that the future commissioner for neighbourhood policy will be equally energetic.


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