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European Union Expert Evaluation Mission on Preventing Corruption and Protecting Whistleblowers


​​During the period 23-27 April 2018, the European Commission in BiH is conducting a mission of expert evaluation of the state of play in the field of corruption prevention and whistleblower protection.

The Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation, as the republic coordinator of the European integration process, is coordinating and organising participation of representatives of competent institutions of the Republic of Srpska in individual meetings with mission experts and submitting all necessary documents and additional information to the European Commission.

Discussions between European Commission experts and representatives of the institutions of the Republic of Srpska are focused on legislative and institutional framework, institutional capacities and implementation of regulations in the Republic of Srpska in the field of preventing corruption, conflict of interest and protecting whistleblowers.

The meetings of the above expert evaluation missions include representatives of the following: Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government, Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation, Republic Commission for Prevention of Conflict of Interest in the Institutions in the Republic of Srpska, as well as representatives of the Selection and Appointments Commission of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska and representatives of the Commission for Implementation of the Anticorruption Strategy of the Republic of Srpska.

After BiH’s submitting of application for EU membership, expert evaluation missions are one of the mechanisms through which the European Commission collects additional information about the current situation in BiH in selected fields and evaluates alignment with the requirements and practices of the European Union. The information and documents collected during expert missions and supporting discussions with competent institutions, public institutions and enterprises, trade unions, associations and other interested parties in BiH will be used by the European Commission for the preparation of the opinion on BiH application for EU membership (Аvis). For best possible evaluation of the overall situation in BiH in the specific field, European Union experts will analyse in detail the institutional, legal, strategic and other capacities of the competent institutions and bodies for legal framework implementation in the thematic fields, and its results in practice. The missions will be followed by preparation of an evaluation report, including a detailed analysis and specific conclusions and recommendations for all institutions in BiH.




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