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Everyone in Davos Was Waiting for Trump’s Speech – He Promised to Plant Thousands of Billions of Trees


In the shadow of the start of the Senate trial over the recall of the US President, Donald Trump addressed the gathering at the World Economic Forum in Davos. He praised the success of the US economy, notably highlighting trade agreements with China and Mexico, and announced the planting of thousands of billions of trees.

In front of a large auditorium, Donald Trump advertised the trade agreements the United States reached with China and Mexico, assessing them as a model for the 21st century.

Citing the various successes of his administration, Trump touched on topics he highlighted in his previous address to the Forum two years ago.

He thanked foreign companies for investing in the United States and estimated that America was in much better economic shape than it was when he took office three years ago.

“The time for skepticism is over,” Trump said, calling for new foreign investment. “There’s no better place than the US, for every business looking for a place to succeed,” Trump said.

With Davos as the main topic of environmental conservation with activist Greta Tunberg as the most important guest, Trump spoke about the economic importance of oil and gas.

The US president has announced that Washington will join the Thousand Billion Tree Initiative.

“I strongly believe in protecting the environment. I want the cleanest air and water,” Trump said.

During that time, a trial in the Senate begins in Washington in the process of Trump’s recall. Accusations of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress were considered unconstitutional by Trump.




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