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EUROSUR – Border surveillance now in function


The European system of border monitoring EUROSUR, after two years of preparation and the incessant demands of the Mediterranean EU member states, is now in function.

EUROSUR will cover 18 states in the Schengen Area with southern and eastern external borders, plus Norway. The remaining 11 members will join EUROSUR on the 1st of December 2014.

Monitoring will be done by means of satellites, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.

For now, countries like Austria and the Czech Republic, that don’t have maritime and land borders with countries outside the EU, will not participate in the program.

EUROSUR will allow countries to work towards the elimination of cross-border crimes such as human trafficking and drugs. It will also, in accordance with European and International commitments, help vulnerable small boats that transport migrants.

EUROSUR was created after constant demands made by Italy to the EU to deal with the influx of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.


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