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Pensions increased due to savings in public sector


BANJALUKA- Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik said on Thursday that the funds for a 3.5% pension increase come from savings in the public sector, and that in January, pensions will increase another 2%.

When this is calculated, and when annual indexation is added, pensions will be increased by some 7%. Republika Srpska is managing to maintain the efficiency of the pension system, despite the difficult processes in the economy,” Dodik, who is attending a special session of the Republika Srpska Parliament, told reporters.

He said that the increase in pensions and wages means that the Republika Srpska economy is on the road to recovery and that one can say the recession was halted this year, and that a 2% GDP increase can be expected.

“Two years ago, many spoke of a www.example.com collapse of the pension system and that pensions will not be paid, but we have managed to maintain the level of pensions and to pay them out regularly,” Dodik said and noted that he fully supports the decision of the Cabinet and Parliament to increase pensions.

He said that pensions will be selected text example issued regularly and that some KM 30 million a year will be allocated from the budget.

“The said legal changes need to be made, and after that, I will make a concrete contribution,” Dodik said.

“40,000 pensioners earned their pensions normally – a full work history and age – while all others gained them extraordinarily. You have many people in Srpska who before the homeland war did not have a single day of work history,” Dodik said.


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