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Exhibition “Serbian Enlighteners” Opens in Prijedor


In Prijedor, the exhibition “Serbian Enlighteners” by Jelenko Bojic opened last night, on the occasion of the 1,150th anniversary of the death of one of the creators of the first Slovene script, St. Cyril.

Bojic pointed out at the opening of the exhibition that this project was designed by the Serbian Educational and Cultural Society / SPKD / “Prosvjeta” from Banja Luka, of which he is the chairman of the City Board.

“Historically, there are four periods in the development of Serbian culture that we thought were important for Serbian identity and culture. These were the taking of Christianity, the era of Cyril and Methodius, the creation of a modern medieval state in the time of Saint Sava, then Dositej Obradovic, who did much of this brought in Serbia and became the first Minister of Education and Vuk Karadzic, who has done much to transform Serbs into modern European nations through the reform of language and script, “Bojic said.

He added that the material, which had been collected for several years, was a modern exhibition with text and picture.

“Since we live in the modern age, we have made it all possible to watch it electronically,” Bojic said.

He added that it was a traveling exhibition traveling from school to school because it was intended for institutions as a teaching tool and that in Prijedor a section related to Cyril and Methodius and to the beginnings of Slovenian literacy was exhibited.

The historian Željko Vujasinović emphasized that all peoples strive to see where their beginnings are and that this is why this exhibition is important since it touches on the first Serbian enlighteners in one part.

“Cyril and Methodius are, first and foremost, Slovenian enlighteners, and like all Slavic people, the Serbian people enter history through them,” Vujadinovic said.

The director of the National Library of Cyril and Methodius, Mara Ecim, said that 18 panels exhibited the life and work of Serbian enlighteners Cyril and Methodius.

The exhibition, organized by the National Library of Cyril and Methodius, will be open to the citizens of Prijedor interested in the history of Serbian literacy by the end of this year.




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