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Exibition That Brings Most Famous Masterpieces To Life


Visit the unique art exhibition at the UŠĆE SHOPPING CENTRE and have a unique experience!

Until March 3, you have a great opportunity to visit the unique exhibition at the UŠĆE Shopping Centre called “Art Revolution – Art That Comes to Life”. This is an interactive exhibition where the protagonists of famous masterpieces come to life to tell their stories.

The exclusive interactive museum is located in two places on the ground floor of the UŠĆE Shopping Centre and reveals to visitors the stories behind the most famous paintings of all time, from the Renaissance to pop art, allowing visitors to experience them in a whole new light. The exhibition will present a total of ten 3D works of art in history, including Leonardo’s infamous “Mona Lisa“, “Self-Portrait” by Vincent Van Gogh, “Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne ” by Amadeo Modigliani, “Bacchus” by the famous Italian painter Caravaggio, “The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli, Edouard Manet’s “A Bar in Follies Bergere“, Edvard Munch’s “Scream“, Gustav Klimt’s “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer” and Andy Warhol’s “Shot Marilyns“. The story of the protagonists who come to life before our eyes follows the origin of the artwork itself, its influence and cultural and artistic significance, but also contains details about the authors.

The “Art Revolution – Art That Comes to Life” project is a unique virtual art exhibition made by the creative use of modern technology, using mapping and 3D animation applied to the most popular paintings.


Visit UŠĆE virtual art gallery, peruse through masterpieces in a new way, with the help of paintings that speak!

Admission to the exhibition is free.



Source: diplomacyandcommerce.rs



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