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”Exit” Tops the List of Biggest Music Festivals


The World Atlas Encyclopedia has placed ”Exit” at the forefront of its recent release of the world’s largest music festivals list.

The Atlas editorial describes ”Exit” as a multi-award-winning summer festival with over 200,000 attendees from around the world.

The ”Exit” also left behind several events with even more attendance, long history, and even higher budgets than the British giant ”Glastonbury” or the Brazilian ”Rock in Rio”, it can be concluded that the list of major festivals is determined by their importance and the sum of all the factors, which made this new recognition even more important.

The Atlas also states that international music festivals offer a platform for local and international talents to present themselves to a wider audience, and also allow a great cultural exchange and contribute to the development of tourism in the countries where they are held.

In addition, large music festivals attract a large number of people, which has a very positive impact on the local economy.
This claim is proved by the fact that this year’s Exit Festival made a record contribution to the Serbian economy, with as much as 16,4 million euros.

Since the founding of the festival, the Serbian economy gained over 180 million euros in economic benefits from the ”Exit”, not counting the multiple estimated value of the international promotion of the city Novi Sad and the whole Serbia.

In its article on the music festival industry, Atlas also states that the festival industry is currently worth 3 billion US dollars on a global scale and it is growing fast. This is confirmed by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, which estimates that nearly 370 million young travelers will account for over $ 400 billion in spending over the next decade.

The Exit Festival has been being recognized by internationally renowned media for years.
Thus, the British public service broadcaster BBC included it in the shortlist of the biggest festivals in the world, describing it as a festival that “nurtures its revolutionary spirit”, while Forbs marked the festival’s program as its trump card.

In an extensive article about Serbia, the Times named the ”Exit” as “Glastonbury on the Danube River”, while the Guardian singled out ”Exit” in its global calendar of the world’s best events for July, although that month is traditionally packed with festivals around the world.

The 2020 Exit Festival will be held between the 9th and 12th of July.





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