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Export of Meat from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Turkey continues


The Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Stasa Kosarac, expressed support for the continuation of foreign trade of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Turkey after two domestic companies signed agreements on meat exports to the Turkish market, the relevant ministry said on Wednesday.

The first deliveries to Turkey are expected next week. “Representatives of the Turkish company ‘Tareks’ informed us that they have concluded agreements on the import of meat from BiH with the companies ‘ZP-Komerc’ from Bijeljina and ‘Sisovic’ from Rakitno, on the basis of which this arrangement with Turkey will be continued, Avaz news portal writes.

Turkish inspectors are already on the ground, so the first deliveries to Turkey are expected during the next week – added Minister Kosarac. He reminded that the request to the Turkish side referred to the increase in the number of subcontractors, having in mind the importance of continuing and improving exports from the aspect of the primary goals of respecting international agreements and obligations of BiH and opening new markets.

“From the beginning of the mandate, I have been advocating equal representation and involvement of companies from the Republika Srpska and the Federation of BiH in the business of exporting meat to the Turkish market. I am firmly committed to perseverance in such a policy because the previous practice in which individuals had a privileged position and exercised a monopoly on the market is absolutely unacceptable,” said Kosarac.

Recalling the request of the Turkish side to increase the utilization of quotas for meat exports to the country’s market, the Minister pointed out that achieving this goal would mean a significant increase in trade between BiH and Turkey, which would allow domestic producers to sell more goods and participate more in foreign trade.

Minister added that the export of meat to Turkey is especially important in the conditions of the current epidemiological situation and the fight against the consequences of the coronavirus on the entire agricultural sector, taking into account the realized surpluses in production and reduced domestic consumption.

Source: The Sarajevo Times


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