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Exports from BiH to Croatia and Serbia recorded the largest Increase


Exports from BiH amounted to 11 billion BAM in 2017, which represents a record amount. Exports in the year of 2016 amounted to about 9.4 billion BAM, which means that exports in 2017 were increased by more than 1.5 billion BAM.

Exports in the countries of the region, including Croatia, Serbia, as well as Slovenia and Montenegro, recorded the largest increase.

According to the official data of the Agency for Statistics of BiH, the following were the main export markets in the first 11 months of 2017:

  • Germany 1.472.881.000 BAM
  • Croatia 1.178.411.000 BAM
  • Italy 1.116.419.000 BAM
  • Serbia 986.100.000 KM BAM
  • Slovenia 899.511 BAM
  • Austria 842.568 BAM


Exports to Croatia amounted to 1,178,411,000 BAM in the first 11 months of 2017, while it was somewhere around 889 million BAM in the same period last year. This means that it recorded an increase by 289 million BAM, and that is the largest increase of all export markets.

This is the increase of BH export on individual markets in 11 months of 2017:

– Croatia 289 million BAM
– Serbia 246 million BAM

– Slovenia 161 million BAM
– Austria 160 million BAM
– Montenegro 103 million BAM
– Germany 102 million BAM
– Italy 81 million BAM

The following can be concluded from these results:

–  Regional countries are becoming important trade partners of BiH

–  Exports to Croatia and Serbia were increased by more than half a billion BAM, which is one third of total export increase

–  Exports to Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro was increased by about 800 million BAM, which is about half of BH total export increase

–  Croatia is now the second largest market for BH export

–  Outside the region, Germany, Italy and Austria are key partners of the economy of BiH


Source: sarajevotimes


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