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Faithful Muslims around the world begin celebrating Eid al-Fitr


Eid al-Fitr, one of the biggest Muslim religious holidays, throughout BiH and the world, is greeted in a family environment.

In the tradition of Muslims from BiH, this holiday has a very special place. From the early morning hours, male members of the family go to pray Fajr, and then they pray Eid prayer, come home, congratulate each other and perform Eid duties.

When male family members go to the Eid prayer, the tradition is to go to the mosque by one and return the other way. During Eid prayer, tekbirs are heard in the mosque.

Long time ago, there was also a widespread practice of sewing a new suit that was eagerly waited for months.

The most common Eid lunch in BiH begins with soup, which is followed by a stew, sarma (cabbage stuffed with meat), Bosnian pot (vegetable broth) and similar dishes. Then comes the pie, grilled meat with vegetables etc. Eid specialties are: Bey’s soup, hadzijski kebab, dolma and different types of cabbage rolls. Various types of pies are unavoidable on the table. Deserts are also a very important element of Eid table. Most often desserts are: baqlava (traditional Bosnian dessert made of dough filled with walnuts), ruzica (Bosnian traditional dessert with sugar coating), tufahije (sweet apple filled with walnuts) and halva (traditional Bosnian sweet made of flour and sugar).

This holiday represents a special joy for children. Bajram banka or bajramluk (gift for children in money) is something long awaited and joyful.

Eid is also a day of reconciliation and forgiveness. It is the day when all fights are forgotten.


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