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Famous Serbian surgeon Miodrag Lazic passed away


Famous Serbian surgeon Miodrag Lazic, who saved lives in the Serb Republic of Krajina  and Republika Srpska during the 1990s wars, died this morning from the coronavirus infection, as it was confirmed to SRNA from the Clinical Centre of Nis.

Lazic, who worked as a doctor at the Clinical Centre of Nis, was on a ventilator, because his medical condition was serious.

In August, 1992, he quit his job as surgeon in Nis and headed to the former Serb Republic of Krajina.

In June, 1992, as a surgeon, he took part in the Corridor Breakthrough, after which he volunteered at the war-time hospital ”Koran” in Pale, in the Republika Srpska.

He was one of the founders of the war-time hospital “Žica” in Blazuj , outside Sarajevo, almost on the frontline. He was there for 40 months as the only surgeon in the former Srpsko Sarajevo  where he performed more than 3,500 surgeries under general anesthesia.




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