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Fashion company “Kristin Mod” from Lopare exports all of its Products to Paris


Fashion company “Kristin Mod” from Lopare could open 20 new workplaces. Public competition is available all the time, said Obradin Bozic, deputy director in this company that currently employs a total of 65 workers, mostly women. Owner of the factory is Ratko Sakovic, who lives in Paris. Besides this one, Sakovic also has two more factories, “Tisa Mod” in Karakaj near Zvornik that employs 80 workers and “Kristijan Lavis” factory in Zvornik that employs 45 workers.

Bozic, who has spent his whole professional life in textile industry, said that there is no educated, trained workforce for these jobs in Lopare, and therefore, the owner and employer offer retraining on their own expense. All the costs of salary, transportation and meal expenses are on the employer, even during the education and training period.

“Factory ‘Kristijan Lavis’ is working for us in the full capacity, while ‘Tisa Mod’ has its own production and customers. The factory in Lopare exists for 18 years already. We manufacture, as we like to say, medium and heavy confection for women – skirts, pants, coats, blazers, the entire women program. These jobs are classified as finishing touches, but we are 95 % based on the so called ‘Ion job’. Everything we produce is exported to Paris. The owner has contracted the production and export for the entire year. Those are mainly famous fashion brands in Paris, which include ‘Tara Jarmon’, ‘Antonele’, ‘Karol’ and others, and they are looking for quality and respecting deadlines,” stated Bozic.

He also noted that workers from Lopare, as well as from Bijeljina, Koraj, Celic, Teocak and other surrounding places, are working in the factory ‘Kristin Mod’.

“An interesting fact is that we managed to gather 50 candidates on a public competition for job at the beginning of the year. Only 18 were left, and at the end, only 10 remained employed. Other haven’t event offer explanation why they are leaving the factory. Public competition is always opened,” said Bozic.

Bozic also noted that salaries are regularly paid, as well as contributions. The average of net salaries in the factory is 650 BAM, but workers in the production earn around 500 BAM.


Source: sarajevotimes


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