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Fifteen centuries of Serbian history in 15 minutes (VIDEO)


The endeavor to present Serbian history with as many as 15 centuries in the duration of only 15 minutes sounds almost impossible. However, the YouTube channel “Serbian Mapping” published work in cooperation with David Blagić, which represents the animation of the entire (internationally accepted) recorded Serbian history from 631 until today, starting from the Svevladović dynasty.

As stated in the description of this video, which attracted the attention of both Serbs and history buffs from around the world, significant events from each year are briefly mentioned in part of this video, while major and influential events are described in more detail (Toplica Uprising, First and World War II, NATO bombing, etc.)

Also, the authors ask the viewers to understand the individual information and the numbers of victims, which are often debatable due to the disagreement of certain parties to the conflict, in order to keep in mind that they differ from source to source.

The used literature and historical sources are listed below in the description of the clip, of which stand out: “De Administrando Imperio” by Konstantin Porfirogenit, “Chronicle of Pope Dukljanin”, “Kingdom of Slavs” by Mavro Orbin, Larus’s “General Encyclopedia” and twentieth-century authors such as Stanoje Stanojević, Rade Mihaljčić, Vladimir Čoroviž, Krsto Dragović…




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