The documentary film, directed by Dragana Elcic, entitled “Radovan – Cry Behind Walls of Dungeon,” which is an exclusive story about the first president of Republika Srpska, Radovan Karadzic, was premiered in Belgrade.

The film, screened last night at the Sava Centre, is a personal confession behind the walls of dungeon in moments of pronouncing 40-years-imprisonment judgment, but is also the story of Karadzic’s hiding, mode of arrest and his extradition to The Hague tribunal.

Elcic has said his goal was to take each viewer individually out “for coffee with Karadzic in The Hague” within 90 minutes in order to get to know better the first president of Republika Srpska; after watching the film, a pebble will remain in viewer’s shoe to pinch him/her making him/her to pass judgment on one time.

He has said that the imperative was to show Karadzic’s personality and stressed that many will be surprised that only two minutes of the film were devoted to the war in BiH.

Chair of the Veterans Organisation of Republika Srpska, Milomir Savcic, has said that this is one way to show the truth about Radovan Karadzic against whom, unfortunately, there are many prejudices.

“Unfortunately, prejudices have taken their toll. For the part of BiH public he is a criminal, but for others he is a hero who along with some other people created Republika Srpska,” said Savcic.

He has stressed that after watching the film, many will find out what he, as a member of Karadzic’s defence team, knows that there is no document accusing him.

Savcic has added that he believes that the film will be significant as an enclosure to prove Karadzic’s innocence before the Hague Tribunal.

Minister of Labour, War Veterans and Disabled Persons Protection of Republika Srpska, Milenko Savanovic, has said that this is a film about a historic moment and a man who assumed that history would repeat thus took responsibility for his people.

He has stressed that the film will be an important legacy for young generations and will affect the strengthening of their national consciousness.

“This is a legacy that will serve generations of young people to better understand the history and the time when all this was happening and to, consequently, build awareness of the need to strengthen unity, economic power and everything necessary in case of similar situation” Savanovic said.

Ljubomir Tadic, an actor, who was starring Radovan Karadzic, has said it is time that Serb people fights for the truth through the films like this one.

He has said that while watching hours and hours of material from The Hague court room and preparing for the role, he remained convinced that Karadzic is not guilty of what he is being charged.

Tadic has pointed out that during the trial, ICTY President himself had warned Karadzic to defend himself, not Republika Srpska, but Karadzic persevered in defending Srpska and did everything to contribute to it not to be abolished.

Film premiere was opened last night by Russian film director Nikolai Burlyayev who recited Karadzic’s poem “Kalemegdan”.

Among the guests at the premiere were Karadzic’s daughter Sonja Karadzic Jovicevic, son of General Ratko Mladic – Darko Mladic, the Srpska National Assembly Speaker Momcilo Krajisnik, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska, Nenad Stevandic, Republika Srpska Minister of Education and Culture, Dane Malesevic, numerous academics, senators and other notables.

Film “Radovan – Cry Behind Walls of Dungeon“ will be screened at the International Film Festival “Golden Knight” in Russia.

Source: Srna


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