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Finci: Political leaders haven’t changed their way of thinking


Unfortunately, no one expected the recent talks in Sarajevo to achieve success in implementing the decision “Sejdic-Finci” because the way of thinking of our political leaders has not changed, said Jakob Finci, the President of the Jewish community in B&H and one of the appellants in the matter.

According to him, Stefan Fule’s withdrawal from this matter was an expected move and the Council of Europe should be the one to help because the court in Strasbourg is within their jurisdiction.

However, he admitted that if B&H doesn’t take steps towards the implementation of this decision, then it can not expect outside help.

Finci said that the election campaign has already begun and that with the current situation it is unlikely that B&H will implement the decision by the 5th or 12th of May this year, this being the the final deadline because laws that apply to the elections can not be changed within that period.

On the other hand, Finci admitted, it will be very embarrassing if we have another election that doesn’t meet the democratic criteria. Namely the Council of Europe has already announced that it will not accept the elections, which could lead to the abolition of the right to vote or even B&H’s suspension from the Council of Europe.


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