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First Babies in the Republic of Srpska in the New Year


The first baby born in 2020 in Bijeljina is a baby girl who was born a minute after midnight.

A girl weighing three pounds and 980 grams on New Year’s Eve was brought to the world by Ljiljana Marić.

On New Year’s Eve, a total of eight babies were born in this city – five boys and three girls.

In 2019, Bijeljina was the second in Republika Srpska by the number of babies born, a total of 790.

In Zvornik, at the same time, one minute after midnight, the first baby was born – a baby boy, who was brought into the world by her mother, Tanja Prodanović.

At “Serbia” Hospital in East Sarajevo, the first baby born this year is a baby girl.

The baby was born at 6.18 pm. The girl’s mother, weighing two pounds and 650 grams and 51 centimeters long, is Jelena Milović of East Ilidza, to whom she is the third child.

Pediatric ward nurse Dijana Vujičić said both baby and mother were well and wished that as many healthy children as possible would be born in 2020 in the East Sarajevo city.

Two girls and one boy were born at the “Doctor Mladen Stojanović” Hospital in Prijedor.




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