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First forest festival of singer – songwriters held in Zelenkovac


Last weekend, the first forest festival of singer-songwriters “Kantarion” was held at Zelenkovac picnic area outside Mrkonjić Grad, with eight performers from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and BiH.

President of the Zelenkovac Ecological Movement, Borislav Janković, told the press that was a new event that offered two days of unforgettable socializing with quality authors.

“We have no events going on in November, so we came up with the idea to create an unusual story. The live musical performance takes place in a gallery where the atmosphere is more intimate and the connection with the performers is different than in the open-air performance,” Janković says.

He added that the visitors were satisfied and enjoyed the beautiful natural environment, and that he hoped the idea would survive and the festival would continue.

Aleksa Janković from Banjaluka says this is his first appearance of this kind and that this is a sign that people are finding their own way to be creative.

“I do poetry and a bit of music, I am self-taught. I learned to play an instrument and started to fit my poetry into music. I play jazz, blues, there is everything in it, and the sound I create is a little bit harder and stronger,” Janković explains.

Marko Babović, who arrived to Zelenkovac from Novi Sad, says he is delighted with the nature and organisation of the festival.

“The atmosphere is phenomenal, the nature is beautiful, the songwriters are good. I presented some of my songs, more alternative rock is my repertoire. My hobby is music and I enjoy it,” Babović emphasized.

Organized by the Zelenkovac Ecological Movement, the festival was supported by Mrkonjić Grad Municipality and numerous sponsors.


Source: srna


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