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First wooden houses shipped from Sokolac to Turkey


Two out of 36 fully equipped wooden houses have been shipped from the wood processing company “Hamdo Group” from Sokolac to the Turkish market, Petko Vukojicic, the executive production director in this company told SRNA.

Vukojicic pointed out that the delivery started yesterday and that a dozen craftsmen from this Sokolac-based company went there to install these houses in the Turkish thermal resort of Hatussa Kazdaglari.

“36 two-storey wooden houses with total surface of 260 square meters, including doors and windows, floors and furniture made of wood, will be shipped by the end of this year,” said Vukojicic.

He emphasized that the delivery of logs for the Hamdo Group Company was stabilized, which was the basis for a good functioning of production in this company, and voiced hope that this issue would be resolved even better in the coming months.

According to him, the manufacturing plants have been operating in two shifts for the past two weeks.

Vukojicic said that 25 new workers were employed and that the Hamdo Group has had 100 workers so far, as stipulated by the Agreement on the lease of a portion of the wood processing complex and manufacturing plants within the Nova Romanija complex in Sokolac.

The Nova Romanija Company signed a contract with the Qatari investor, the owner of the Hamdo Group in mid-2017, on the lease of a portion of wood processing complex in Sokolac for a period of 10 years.

The primary processing of wood started operating in the leased portion of the Nova Romanija complex at the beginning of last year, while the final processing started operating a few months later.


Source: srna


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