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Five Serbs went missing in area of Ozren in past five years


President of the Committee for Protection of Rights of Serbs in the Federation of BiH /FBiH/ Đorđe Radanović told SRNA that the attack on the Serbian returnee Ljeposava Petković from Vozuća was just one in a series that testify to the difficult situation of Serbian returnees in the FBiH, and noted that five Serbs have disappeared in the Ozren area in the past five years.

“Five Serbs disappeared in the area of Lukavac, Zavidovići and Maglaj. Some structures there are scaring the Serbs in a perfidious way. We had a large number of Serbs who wanted to leave the area, and some did. Muslims have never lived there, it is Serbian land. In this way, they want to remove the Serbian population from the area of Ozren,” Radanović pointed out.

He added that the area of Ozren, which was part of Republika Srpska until 1995, was attacked by the Mujahideen who, as he says, apparently brought their way of believing in Islam there.

Radanović reminded that Jovanka Đurić /89/ from the Ozren village of Tumare in the federal municipality of Lukavac, whose disappearance was reported on July 30, was never found, nor were people who attacked fifty-year-old Radmila Simić from this place in August, who was found tied and naked next to her family houses.

He pointed out that the federal police announced a few days after this attack on Simić that the assailant had been arrested.

“However, it was never revealed who the attacker was, his nationality, where he was from, whether his detention was requested and ordered, whether criminal proceedings were initiated, etc. I have a reasonable doubt that this man was never arrested, only the news was published that he was arrested to remove this topic from the federal police authorities,” says Radanović.

He called on the Federal Minister of Internal Affairs Ramo Isak to say who is the person who attacked the Serbian woman on Mount Ozren in August, whether criminal proceedings have been initiated against that person, what the police have done about it, and where that person is now.

Four Serbian returnee families left Tumare out of fear for their safety after the attack on Simić and the unsuccessful search for Đurić.

Two years ago, a Serb returnee disappeared from the village of Komari, the local community of Milino Selo, and Vaskrsije Tubić from Donja Brijesnica near Lukavac disappeared last year.

A Serbian returnee in Stošnica near Vozuća in the Federation of BiH, Ljeposava Petković /77/, was beaten up last night in her family home after two people broke into her house with an axe and threatened to kill her.


Source: srna.rs


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