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Flights from Banja Luka to Belgrade available from the 1st of December

Air Serbia

In a little over two weeks an “Air Serbia” flight will land in Banja Luka for the first time. By introducing this long awaited flight, passengers will reach Belgrade from the largest city in Republika Srpska in 55 minutes.

During the winter months the flights from Belgrade to Banja Luka will depart at 2 pm, with an estimated arrival time an hour later. From Banja Luka, the flights to Serbia’s capital will depart at 3:25 pm and arrive at approximately 4:20 pm.

During the summer period, the airline will offer both a morning and an evening flight. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays passengers will depart Belgrade at 8 am and Banja Luka at 10.45 am. Whilst on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays the flights are scheduled for 6:40 pm (Belgrade) and 9:35 pm (Banja Luka).

A representative of “Air Serbia”, Mirela Burda, said that the scheduled departures will allow the passengers to connect with flights to other European destinations, as well as those to Australia, Asia and America.

Passengers will be able to reach Europe’s top tourist destinations such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Prague, Moscow, Milan, Stockholm, Brussels, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Rome, as well as non-European cities Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Sydney and Melbourne.

Burda added that there will be a shuttle bus from the center of Banja Luka which will further ease the transit of passengers from the capital of Srpska to Europe’s metropolitan areas.

She added that “Air Serbia” will offer a promotional discount on tickets from the 12th until the 19th of November. During that period a return ticket from Banja Luka to Belgrade will cost 79 EUR for a one and 109 EUR for two persons. The discount is available on flights taken until the end of March next year.

“Air Serbia” currently has a fleet of 10 “Boeing 737” and four “ATR” aircrafts, it is expected that during this winter season these planes will be replaced with 10 “Airbus” aircrafts.

The frequency is expected to double to 73,000 seats on 670 flights a week, to 40 destinations by June next year. This move will not only benefit the citizens of Serbia’s capital, but also the citizens of Srpska, who will get a chance to experience numerous travel destinations via a reliable means of transport.


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