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Floods all over BiH, several main Roads closed (FOTO/VIDEO)


Hundreds of families in several Bosnian towns and surrounding settlements spent a sleepless night on Monday, fearing that the 2014 scenario when floods and landslides ravaged parts of the country, forcing many to leave their homes, may happen again.

(Banja Luka)

Heavy rainfalls caused first problems on Sunday already in the northwest of Bosnia, continuing throughout Monday and the following night, when the rain spread to the north and the northeast as well as the central parts of the country.

Swollen rivers caused the collapse of bridges and cut the road connection, blocking access to remote villages.


The most severe cases were recorded in the area surrounding the northern cities and towns of Banja Luka, Sanski Most, Celinac, Teslic, Doboj, Maglaj…, where authorities declared the state of emergency.


Schools were closed in Teslic, after the Municipality Head decided the situation caused by floods might jeopardise lives and property, and declared the state of emergency.

Teslic residents could also experience the electricity cuts.

The traffic on the main road Banja Luka-Doboj, in the village of Vrela, Teslic municipality, has been completely suspended due to outflow of the Usora River on the main road, according to the Auto-moto Federation of Republika Srpska.

The traffic was completely suspended at the regional road section Tedin Han-Teslic, in Kamenica, due to escarpments. Also, due to the escarpments, the traffic is difficult over the Borja crossing.

On the regional road of Knezevo-Turbe, Borak and Imljani there are cleaned and traffic is now taking place in an undisturbed manner.

On the regional road Doboj-Prnjavor, in Popovici, Ukrina River threatens to overflow on the road.

Due to the larger amount of water on the road at the entrance to Zepce from the M-17 highway, the traffic was suspended and redirected to alternative routes.

Due to the water on the main road, the traffic was suspended on the regional roads of R-403a Cazin-Gata (in Tržačka Raštela) and R-474 Perkovići-Novi Šeher.

It is difficult to drive on the main roads M-4.2 Cazin – Velika Kladuša (Ćoralići), M-14 Srbljani – Bosanska Krupa, Banja Luka – Čelinac (on turning to Jošavka) as well as on the regional road R-476 Čelinac – Dubrava Stara (in Grabovac).

Because of the greater escarpments, the traffic on the regional road R-473 Teslić – Tedin Han in Kamenica was suspended.

Due to the escarpmen on the M-4 Teslić – Banja Luka highway on the Borja mountain pass and on the regional road R-413 Turbe – Banja Luka in the Borak and Imljani areas, the traffic is slowed down in one lane, according to the BIHAMK report.


Source: sarajevotimes/N1


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