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Foča – adrenalin capital of BiH in world-famous tourist guide (PHOTO)


Tourist journalist John Bills from Wales, who works for the world-famous travel guide “In Your Pocket”, ranks Foča among five destinations in BiH to visit this summer – together with Trebinje, Jajce, Konjic and Bihać, which he recommends to the tourists around the world on his internet blog.

With the Tara Canyon and the Sutjeska National Park, Bills calls Foča the adrenaline capital of BiH and describes it as a charming town with a large number of students and cafes.

He praises the bohemian atmosphere in “Begova kuća/Beg’s House”, as well as the hospitality of Foča people and their amicable and friendly attitude towards foreign tourists, recommending home-made brandy /rakija/ and “Raft” beer and emphasizing the unrealistic beauty of nature with canyons, waterfalls, lakes, sandy pyramids.

Mladen Mandić from the Foča Tourist Organisation says that Bill’s impressions will soon be found on the pages of the tourist guide “In Your Pocket”, which has about 2 million reviews per year.

“Advantis Konsalting Company from Banjaluka is a partner to “In Your Pocket” tourist guide and is hired by the Republika Srpska Tourist Organisation to maximize the impact of the introduction of low-cost `Ryanair` flights on the development of tourism in Srpska. In addition to Foča, Višegrad, Trebinje and Banjaluka, `In Your Pocket` works in Sarajevo, Bihać and Mostar, and this is a world famous tourist guide, not only as a printed, but also as an electronic media,” said Mandić.

He said Bills spent four days in Foča in April and visited the sandy pyramids, the waterfall on the Oteša River, the Monument at Tjentište, the Dragoš Sedlo viewpoint above the Perućica primeval forest, the viewpoints and resorts in the Tara Canyon, rafting camps, as well as the town itself.

“His way is to spend a few days in the city by mimicking a tourist and visiting restaurants, cafes, taverns in order to present the offer through a personal experience. He cited in his blog that he was delighted with the “Beg’s House”, authentic for Foča, and noticed the souls of Foča people and good food and drinks. He was thrilled with the employees of the Tourist Organisation’s info centres,” said Mandić.

He added that Bills presented Foča as an interesting environment with the comparative advantages of the Tara Canyon, the Sutjeska National Park, the sandy pyramids and other nature gems, with ideal opportunities for adventure and youth tourism.

“We hope that with the help of such tourist writers and such projects of the Republika Srpska Tourist Organisation, we will be able to present Foča as the top destination in BiH. We expect Bills’ visit to create great advantaged, indeed” Mandić said.


Source: srna


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