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Foča – Beauty on the banks of Drina River


The Municipality of Foča, located in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, is well known for rafting down the Tara and Drina rivers. The Tara is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, with an 80-kilometers-long canyon. The Tara canyon, with the depth of 1300 meters, is the deepest on the Old Continent, and after the Colorado canyon, the second deepest in the world. Its water is extremely clean and represents the largest European natural reserve of drinking water, which is why it is called the “Tear of Europe”.

For mountaineers and nature lovers who want to get to know the beauties of Zelengora, Maglić, Volujak, Bioč, Vučevo, Ljubišnja, Perućica and the Tara canyon, mountaineering associations organize suitable programs.

In medieval times, the town was known as Hotča, a trading center on route between Ragusa (now Dubrovnik) and Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey). Alongside the rest of Gornje Podrinje, Foča was part of the Serbian Empire until 1376, when it was attached to the Kingdom of Bosnia under King Tvrtko. After Tvrtko’s death, the town was ruled by the dukes of Hum, most notably was Herzog Stjepan. Foča was the seat of the Ottoman Sanjak of Herzegovina established in 1470 and served as such until 1572, when the seat was moved to Pljevlja.

The establishment of two faculties in this town, the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Orthodox Theology, brought a youthful vibe that only young people can bring in their pursuit for educational and intellectual development. Beside them, a special charm of Foča is the reappearance of various visitors on the streets who are attracted by the rich natural beauties of the municipality.




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