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Foča Has Its Own ”Garden of the Gods”


Located only nine kilometers from Foča, in the village Pirin Do, the sand pyramids represent a rare geomorphological phenomenon and a masterpiece of nature, formed by the soil erosion and the joint influence of frost, summer heat, rain and strong winds. With its shape and composition, they are similar to those in Colorado (USA), Dolomites (Italy) and Devil’s Town (Serbia).

The pyramids were first mentioned in the Austro-Hungarian period, and according to some sources, they are over 200 years old. The erosion process is present even nowadays, so they aren’t disappearing, but growing, reaching up to 20 meters in height.

Sand pillars rise from their broad foundations, narrowing on the top, making them an extraordinary geomorphological rarity in this region.

During the 1960s, interesting scenes for the movies ”Captain Lechi” and ”Winnetou” were shot at this location.




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