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For the construction of the airport, two potential locations in the vicinity of Trebinje


There are two potential locations for the construction of the airport in the vicinity of Trebinje, the conceptual solution will be completed in ten days, and the complete plan in the period from six months to a year, the journalists were told after the meeting of representatives of the governments of Republic of Srpska and Serbia.

Assistant Minister for Railway, Water and Air Transport in the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Srpska, Vesna Vožni, said that an operational group met today to discuss and decide on potential locations for the construction of the airport in Trebinje.

– We will have another meeting soon and then we will have more information. Now, two potential locations in the vicinity of Trebinje are in the spotlight – stated Vožnijeva.

Assistant Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Serbia, Zoran Ilić, said that it was not difficult to choose a suitable location in Herzegovina because of the terrain, because, as he says, there are few of them, and added that there are two locations to examine.

Unofficially, it is a site in Mionići, west of Trebinje, and a site in the area of ​​Zubac.

– We do not have too wide a choice and it will not be difficult for us to decide on the one that is the main one. What we will be guided by is that access surfaces will be provided. It is important that we do not have high obstacles 10 kilometers from both thresholds of the runway – Ilić pointed out.

Ilić added that, when it comes to the size of the airport, it depends on the location, but that he will try to make a runway that will enable the landing of the largest planes in the world.

– We will prepare complete technical documentation for the development of the plan, the conceptual solution of the planning act which will be the basis for the construction of the airport, it will be ready in the next ten days – Ilić pointed out.

He is convinced that the complete plan will be in the period between six months and a year.

– When that is finished, then the technical documentation can be done and the contracting of works can begin. If there is enough expertise and will, I think we will have an airport in a couple of years – Ilić pointed out.

He said that this will be an international airport which, in addition to Herzegovina, will also mean a part of the coast in Montenegro and Croatia.

The mayor of Trebinje, Mirko Ćurić, said that today’s meeting spoke about the seriousness of the intention to build the airport.

– This tells us that Trebinje and Herzegovina are interesting strategically. As for the city of Trebinje, we are maximally at your service, we need everything from the data. This is not only important for Trebinje but also for the entire Republic of Srpska – pointed out Ćurić.




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