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For the section of the highway Vukosavlje – Brčko 600 million KM


The Government of the Republic of Srpska made a decision today on financing, designing, and building the section of the Vukosavlje-Brčko highway, and the estimated value of the capital investment is 600 million KM.

The Government agrees that the financing, design and construction of this section will be realized through a competitive dialogue in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Public Procurement, during which all aspects of this capital project will be defined.

The strategy for the development of public roads in the Republic of Srpska for the period 2016-2025. year, which provides for the long-term development of the public road network, it is prescribed that the project that will contribute to the improvement of international, regional and domestic transport in Srpska, among other things, the construction of the highway Vukosavlje-Brčko-Bijeljina-border with Serbia.

The action plan for the construction of highways stipulates that the section of the highway Vukosavlje-Brčko-Bijeljina-border with Serbia, in the length of about 70 kilometers, will be realized through the construction of two sections, Vukosavlje-Modriča-Brčko, in the length of 33 kilometers, and Brcko-Bijeljina-border with Serbia in the length of 37 kilometers.

The purpose of the Vukosavlje-Brčko highway project is to enable better connection of the highway network within the Republic of Srpska, including connection with Serbia, then the development of local communities and local and regional economy, thus achieving equal importance of the project at the local and entire Republic of Srpska level.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska has adopted the Proposal of the Strategy for the Development of Social Housing in Srpska (2020-2030. year) which is adopted in order to provide conditions for sustainable development of social housing in Srpska.

Social housing in the Republic of Srpska is part of the housing policy of the Republic of Srpska, which systematically provides conditions for resolving the housing issue to all natural persons who for various, primarily economic, social, and health reasons are not able to independently provide a housing issue on the market.

The purpose of the Strategy is to increase more favorable housing solutions, expand the circle of family households as potential beneficiaries participating in housing consumption in order to exercise the right to this type of housing, housing vulnerable categories, as well as other categories covered by this strategy.

The general strategic goal of the Strategy is to provide affordable social housing on the territory of the Republic of Srpska and to provide access, at lower prices, to adequate housing for persons who for various reasons cannot solve the housing issue independently, in accordance with legal regulations governing social housing issues.




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