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Foreigners explore mining potentials


From the village Celebici, 40km from Foca, towards the border with Pljevlje, the construction of an access road to the village Rajkovici began mid-week, a village that has drawn the attention of Australian engineers from the company “Western-mining” who seek ore, lead, copper and zinc.

There will be two wells at a depth of about 70 meters and the Australians have already purchased the land for the road alignment, furthermore apart from four engineers, a dozen locals will be hired for this project. All indications point to the existence of a large deposit of copper, lead and zinc on this location, especially since this area is near the mine “Suplja stijena”, said the Mayor of Foca, Radislav Masic.

Additionally, the firm “Mineko” from London will proceed with testing for antimony ore in Potkozara. This area now belongs to the municipality of Novo Gorazde and the local government is expecting a lot from the re-opening of the mine in Kozara.

In Rude a general agreement has been granted to the company “Nickel Serbia”, or Nickel -RS, for the exploration of these wells, which according to some earlier estimates has about 150 million tons, while the investigations would cost over 2 million EUR. Despite having been given the “green light” for drilling, so far there has been no activity.


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