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Foreigners invest millions in Republika Srpska


Foreign investors, based on the agreed projects, should invest between 2.86 and 3.16 billion KM in B&H by 2016. The greater part of these investments or at least 1.55 billion will be devoted to projects in Republika Srpska.

This information comes from the Economic and fiscal program for 2014 which was adopted by the Council of Ministers B&H and which contains, among other things, a listing of foreign direct investments. The document, prepared by the Directive for Economic Planning, emphasizes that Srpska has launched several activities in order to create favorable investment conditions, one of which is the reform of the procedure for starting a business.

This year B&H is expecting 790 to 890 million KM in direct foreign investments, out of which at least 440 million will be invested in Srpska. The largest portion of money, or 590 million, will be invested in the power sector, while the rest will be divided between the other sectors.

EFT Group is expected to invest 250 million KM in Stanari and 40 million in the construction of HE Ulog. Komsar Energy RS plans to begin construction of the power plant Ugljevik 3 in the second part of this year, which will require funds of around 100 million KM, while 50 million KM is planned for HE Mrsovo.

Greater investments in B&H are expected next year, ranging between 990 million and 1.09 billion KM, out of which Srpska will receive at least 540 million.

The largest investments are expected in 2016, between 1.08 and 1.18 billion KM, with investments in the power sector at an estimated 780 million KM. Republika Srpska should receive 570 million KM.


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