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“Format stays the same – Belgrade-Pristina dialogue with EU and Borrell as mediators”


German Ambassador to Serbia Thomas Schieb expects tariffs introduced by Pristina to be abolished after October 6 elections, with the same format of the dialogue.

He reiterated that reaching Belgrade-Pristina agreement is a condition for Serbia’s EU accession.

Schieb pointed out for Prva TV that Germany is committed to resolving the Kosovo issue.

German Ambassador said that Kosovo issue must first be resolved in order for Serbia to become an EU member, and that as soon as it joins EU, Serbia will be entitled to use all the EU’s benefits, which, as he says, are huge.

“We hope that the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, within which issues are being resolved, will be restored soon”, Schieb said.

Asked if Germany and France had prepared a strategy that would contribute to dialogue resumption, and how is it possible that someone so strong could not influence the abolition of tariffs, Schieb said that it was unfortunate that the fees had not yet been abolished, despite all attempts to resolve it, and expressed hope that this would happen, immediately after the October 6 election.

“Germany and France still want to continue to support the dialogue process, but the format will be the same – Belgrade and Pristina are conducting EU-mediated dialogue, with the new EU representative Josep Borrell. It is being considered whether there will be special envoy appointed, in charge of the dialogue process. We are not going to create a new format, but we want to support the dialogue with the hope that we will witness certain progress”, Schieb said.

He added that it is also important for Serbia to continue to develop in the economic aspect, as Germany could make its contribution with this regard.

“Unfortunately, Volkswagen will not invest here, but other German investors are coming in, thus creating more job opportunities”, Schieb said, pointing out that 48,000 people worked for German companies at the start of his tenure a year ago, and now that number has grown to 60,000.

“I really enjoy Belgrade. Diplomatic life is very intense, as well as political and cultural life. We would like to have made more progress regarding the Kosovo issue or Serbia’s EU accession process. We have good relations with Serbia and we continue in that direction,” German diplomat concluded.

Referring to the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall when Germany got united, Schieb stressed that at the time, it was believed that borders were losing significance, but that this is not the case.

“We in Germany have put all the efforts into the cause of European unification, because for us, unification was a gift to Europe. Germany has embraced this opportunity and we are committed to European integration”, he said.


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