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Formation of Srpska legislative authorities finalised


Formation of the legislative authorities in Republika Srpska was finalised on Saturday with the constitution of the Council of Peoples, with Nada Tesanovic appointed as its chair from the ranks of Croats.

The appointed deputy chairmen are Zivko Marjanac from the ranks of Serbs, Kemo Camdzija from the ranks of Bosniaks, and Radenko Rikic from the ranks of “others”.

Following the meeting, Tesanovic told reporters in Banjaluka there had been no problems during the formation of the legislative body and that everything had gone as planned.

She stated that the clubs of peoples might take a stand towards the new prime minister and cabinet of Republika Srpska on Saturday.

Deputy chairman Camdzija has noted that the next session of the Srpska Council of Peoples can be expected to take place very soon.

source: Srna


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