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Former elementary school students from Trn renovated the house of a school friend


That the friendship from childhood does not fade even 30 years later is witnessed by the example of the generation from the primary school in Trn, which jointly renovated a small dilapidated house and provided basic living conditions for their school friend Nada Zarić from Šušnjar near Laktaši.

Zarić, who suffers from mild dementia, lived with her ninety-two-year-old sick father without anyone’s help, until one day her former friends from elementary school knocked on their door.

About 60 former students who finished primary school in 1991 joined forces and launched a humanitarian action to enable Nada, who they say is remembered as a withdrawn girl with a blue apron, a bun on her head and a brown bag, which she wore for all eight years, a more or less decent life.

One of the organizers of the humanitarian action, Aleksandar Delić, says that they formed a board of four members and made plans of what they should do to help their helpless school friend.

“The action started a month and a half ago. The help of good people began to come from all over the world. After we collected part of the money, we distributed water and provided a connection for the machine we bought, as well as a TV set. We made a large pantry and hallway, painted the living room, replaced the furniture and did the floor.

He added that they also provided her with a mobile phone so that they would be in constant contact with her.

“When we draw the line and see how much money is left, we will distribute it and carry it to Nada every month, because we are afraid that if we give it all to her at once, someone may abuse it. We made the decision to bring Nada as much money per month as is needed for monthly expenses “, said Delić.

This is not the first time that schoolmates have helped Nada.

“In the past, from time to time, we collected money from which we would buy basic foodstuffs and take them to Nada. We also took her for a haircut, there was no greater joy for her. She would always greet us with a smile, I can’t describe in words how grateful she is “, said Delić and added that wherever they are and whatever they do, Nada will always be part of their team.


Aleksandar Delić says that Nada Zarić was not registered at the local Center for Social Work either and that they did it for her, in order to at least exercise the right to help for someone else’s care and other help.

“Nada’s father is very ill. Out of four brothers, only two send some money a month for which Nada buys medicine for her father “, said Delić and thanked all the people with a big heart who supported them in this humanitarian action.




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